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  • Docstrings and Package Installation in Rodeo

    by Elise | Jul 28 2016

    Video tutorials to get you up and running with Yhat's Python IDE

  • Making Sense of Everything with words2map

    by Lance Legel | Jul 26 2016

    A recommender framework built with word2vec, t-SNE and HDBSCAN to power

  • Rodeo & ScienceOps Webinar: July 27 2 PM EST

    by Elise | Jul 19 2016

    Building & deploying a deep learning image recognition app w/ Yhat's products

  • Rodeo 2.0.6 - DataFrames, single line execution & more!

    by Colin | Jul 13 2016

    New release, including DataFrames, single line execution & easier installation.

  • A new ggplot is here

    by Greg | Jul 06 2016

    Make some beautiful plots in Python with ggplot 0.10.0

  • Basic Interactive Geospatial Analysis in Python

    by Piero Ferrante | Jun 30 2016

    A post of working with GeoData, plotting geographic regions, and building interactive Jupyter widgets!

  • New Whitepaper Preview: Data Science in Practice

    by Yhat | Jun 24 2016

    Five Common Applications of Data Science with Concrete, Real-Life Use Cases

  • RPy2: Combining the Power of R + Python for Data Science

    by Matthew Russell | Jun 22 2016

    Diving into the RPy2 packages and using both R and Python in the same workspace.

  • Rodeo 2.0 Released for Mac & Linux!

    by Dane, Colin, Greg & Elise | Jun 14 2016

    Vastly improved stability, streamlined UI & integrated tutorials

  • Five Commandments for Data Scientists and Engineers

    by Elise | Jun 08 2016

    How to improve collaboration between data science and dev teams