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  • Moving from R to Python: The Libraries You Need to Know

    by Yhat | Aug 29 2016

    Moving from R to Python? Make sure you know about these packages.

  • Rodeo v2.1.3 ... "This is a big one"

    by Dane | Aug 26 2016

    Several major Windows bugs fixed and a new startup emphasizing your python command

  • Logistic Regression in Python Using Rodeo

    by Greg | Aug 24 2016

    The basics you need to know do logistic regression in Python.

  • Calling all Rodeo Users: Yhat Blog Contest!

    by Elise | Aug 22 2016

    Submit your post by September 1 to the Yhat Blog contest!

  • Using Rodeo To Transform Olympics Data Into GIFs

    by Emily | Aug 15 2016

    Using pandas, cartopy, matplotlib.pyplot and images2gif to visualize olympic medal count data!

  • Machine Learning and Data Science Resources You Should Know About

    by Elise | Aug 10 2016

    The short list of my favorite places to learn new things

  • Rodeo for Windows is here

    by Dane | Aug 09 2016

    We're excited to finally officially support Windows!

  • Announcing Change Management

    by Elise | Aug 05 2016

    ScienceOps now features Change Management for data science teams

  • Grouping in pandas

    by Ross | Aug 03 2016

    A quick introduction to grouping in pandas with NYC Citi Bike data

  • What's new in ggplot 0.11

    by Greg | Aug 01 2016

    The latest and greatest in ggplot!