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  • pandasql: Make python speak SQL

    by Yhat | Oct 11 2016

    Use SQL but new to python? Check out pandasql. An easy way for SQL users to learn pandas.

  • [Infographic] Guide to Data Science Interviews

    by Roger Huang | Oct 07 2016

    What kind of interview questions, work culture, and salary you can expect as a data-scientist-to-be

  • Deploying R Models into Web and Mobile Apps

    by Elise | Oct 05 2016

    How VIA SMS deploys fraud detetction and credit profiling models in R into production applications

  • Brand New! Interactive Data Science Apps

    by Elise Breda | Oct 03 2016

    Play around with live web apps powered by ScienceOps

  • An Introduction to Stock Market Data Analysis with Python (Part 2)

    by Curtis Miller | Sep 30 2016

    Devising a moving-average crossover strategy, backtesting, and benchmarking

  • Rodeo v2.4.0: Tree view file navigation and handy shortcuts

    by Dane | Sep 28 2016

    We added tree view file navigation, shortcuts, and new file types!

  • Python UDFs in Amazon Redshift

    by Elise | Sep 26 2016

    High level overview of Amazon Redshift, plus an introduction to Python UDFs

  • An Introduction to Stock Market Data Analysis with Python (Part 1)

    by Curtis Miller | Sep 23 2016

    Obtaining stock data from Yahoo! Finance with pandas and visualizing moving averages

  • Rodeo v2.3.0: Ridiculous speed and pop-out plots

    by Dane | Sep 21 2016

    We made Rodeo render 400% faster and added pop-out plots. Here's how.

  • Analyzing the conditions for studying stars

    by Philipp Plewa | Sep 19 2016

    Using pandas and seaborn to analyze weather data at the very large telescope