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  • Rodeo v2.5.2: Rodeo for Windows ships with Anaconda's Miniconda!

    by Dane | Jan 09 2017

    Rodeo for Windows has Python built in! Also, save before quit & much faster startup for all platforms.

  • Five Common Applications of Data Science with Concrete, Real-Life Use Cases

    by Yhat | Jan 05 2017

    An excerpt from Yhat's whitepape on Data Science in Practice

  • "How I Interview Data Scientists" with Matt Fornito

    by Matt Fornito | Dec 13 2016

    Matt Fornito describes how he interviews data science candidates

  • Evaluating Data Science Tools: Off the Shelf Analytics versus ScienceOps

    by Yhat | Dec 08 2016

    Joe and his team needed a way to deploy R scripts into production. Here's how they chose between off-the-shelf analytics and Yhat's ScienceOps.

  • Pandas Cheat Sheet for Data Science in Python

    by Karlijn Willems | Nov 30 2016

    This cheat sheet is a quick reference for Pandas beginners

  • Lumiata Uses Yhat Platform to Deliver AI-Powered Health Predictions

    by Newswire | Nov 21 2016

    Yhat's ScienceOps Solves Language Incompatibilities between Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Digital Applications

  • Rodeo v2.4.8: Movable terminal, Linux .deb support and more!

    by Colin | Nov 15 2016

    Move your terminal (and all your tabs!) around to your liking

  • Random Forests in Python

    by Yhat | Nov 07 2016

    An introduction to working with random forests using Python

  • Predicting the Presidential Election

    by Greg | Nov 02 2016

    How to simulate and predict the likelihood each candidate will win a state using R, XML and ggplot2

  • Interview with a Data Scientist: Greg Linden

    by Peadar Coyle | Oct 31 2016

    Greg Linden invented the item-to-item collaborative filtering algorithm at in the late 90's