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  • R for Excel Users

    by Gordon Shotwell | Feb 14 2017

    Why learning new things is hard, plus four fundamental differences between Excel and R

  • 5 Machine Learning Projects You Can No Longer Overlook

    by Matthew Mayo | Feb 10 2017

    Which of the plethora of ML projects are actively developed and worth checking out? Here is a list of 5 such projects.

  • Write for the Yhat blog

    by Elise | Feb 06 2017

    A blogpost inviting you to write a blogpost

  • Deep Learning for ... Chess

    by Erik Bernhardsson | Feb 02 2017

    I’ve been meaning to learn Theano for a while and I’ve also wanted to build a chess AI at some point.

  • Becoming a Data Scientist

    by Roger Huang | Jan 26 2017

    The skills, tools and resources you should know about to prepare for a career in data science

  • Why use SVM?

    by Greg | Jan 24 2017

    What is support vector machine and why should you use it?

  • Applied Data Science

    by Yhat | Jan 20 2017

    An excerpt from Yhat's practical guide to building data-driven products beyond analysts' laptops

  • NYC Subway Math

    by Erik Bernhardsson | Jan 17 2017

    How I used Python and Seaborn to determine the optimal strategy when waiting for the NYC subway.

  • Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet: Python Machine Learning

    by Karlijn Willems | Jan 12 2017

    This cheat sheet is a handy reference for using the Scikit-Learn Python package

  • Three Ways to Install Python on your Windows Computer

    by Elise | Jan 10 2017

    In this post we cover three ways to install Python on your Windows computer.