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  • Two great things that go great together: Yhat and fantasy football

    by Drew Conway | Aug 25 2013

    Learn how to predict a fantasy football draft with Drew Conway.

  • Estimating User Lifetimes - the right and many wrong ways

    by Cam Davidson-Pilon | Aug 20 2013

    Learn how to use PyMC to determine which users will stick with you.

  • Machine Learning for Predicting Bad Loans

    by yhat | Aug 16 2013

    Using the open LendingClub dataset to develop a credit model.

  • 10 Books for Data Enthusiasts

    by yhat | Aug 11 2013

    Our 10 favorite data books.

  • PyData Boston 2013 Slides

    by yhat | Jul 29 2013

    A review of our presentation at PyData Boston, 2013.

  • Intuitive Classification using KNN and Python

    by yhat | Jul 25 2013

    Overview of K-Nearest Neighbors and how to use it

  • Recognizing Handwritten Digits in Python

    by yhat | Jul 14 2013

    Building a handwriting detector using ScienceOps and node.js.

  • Named Entities in Law & Order Episodes

    by yhat | Jul 04 2013

    A post combining our two favorite things: Law & Order and Natural Language Processing.

  • Running R in the Cloud (Part 1)

    by yhat | Jun 27 2013

    Getting up and running with RStudio on EC2.

  • Statistical Quality Control in R

    by yhat | Jun 25 2013

    An in-depth look at the qcc quality control library in R for catching outliers in time series data.