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  • What's new in ggplot-0.4?

    by Yhat | Jan 22 2014

    Announcing ggplot 0.4 for Python!

  • Data Science in Python

    by Greg | Jan 13 2014

    A series of IPython notebooks that give an introduction to using Python for data science.

  • Detecting Outlier Car Prices on the Web

    by Josh Levy | Dec 18 2013

    A case study of how detects outliers using ScienceOps.

  • Weather Forecasting with Twitter & Pandas

    by Eric Chiang | Dec 05 2013

    How to forecast the weather using Twitter data and the pandas library

  • Building email reports with R

    by yhat | Nov 22 2013

    Use R to send dashboards and reports by email

  • Aggregating & plotting time series in python

    by yhat | Nov 03 2013

  • ggplot for python

    by Yhat | Oct 13 2013

    Announcing ggplot for Python! Our initial version of ggplot for python.

  • Random Forest Regression and Classification in R and Python

    by yhat | Sep 29 2013

    Side by side comparison of various Random Forest implementations in R and Python

  • Fast summary statistics in R with data.table

    by Jeff | Sep 26 2013

    R can be a bit slow. If you need to speed things up, give data.table a try. This post provides a quick intro with some useful snippets.

  • Two great things that go great together: Yhat and fantasy football

    by Drew Conway | Aug 25 2013

    Learn how to predict a fantasy football draft with Drew Conway.