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  • Python Sparse Random Projections

    by Adrian Rosebrock | Jun 05 2014

    Sparse Random Projections are a great for dimensionality reduction. Here's a great example

  • Yhat meets Go

    by Jess Frazelle | May 29 2014

    We're big fans of Go, and here's one of the ways we use it.

  • Neural networks and a dive into Julia

    by Eric Chiang | May 15 2014

    An into to Julia and how to use it to build neural networks.

  • ggplot tutorial

    by Greg | May 02 2014

    Want to try ggplot for Python? This post shows you how to analyze MLB data using ggplot and pandas.

  • Python Multi-armed Bandits (and Beer!)

    by Eric Chiang | Apr 07 2014

    Bandit algorithms + beer. A match made in heaven.

  • Predicting customer churn with scikit-learn

    by Eric Chiang | Mar 20 2014

    Using machine learning to predict which customers are likely to churn.

  • Real-time NLP with Twitter and Yhat

    by Greg | Mar 14 2014

    Using the twitter steaming API, NLTK, and Yhat to classify tweets in real-time.

  • Yhat at NY Enterprise Technology Meetup

    by Greg | Mar 11 2014

    Our NYC Enterprise Tech meetup talk/slides.

  • Yhat at the SF Data Science Meetup

    by Greg | Feb 17 2014

    Our talk at the SF data science metup.

  • Image Processing with scikit-image

    by Eric Chiang | Jan 30 2014

    An introduction to the wonderful python package, scikit-image.