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  • How Yhat Does Cloud Balancing: A Case Study

    by Ryan J. O'Neil | Nov 10 2014

    How we use optimization to minimize our server costs without impacting server up-time.

  • Introducing

    by Greg Lamp | Nov 05 2014

    Our latest contribution to the open source community: A database library for working with SQL in pandas/python.

  • Using data science to build better products

    by Colin Ristig | Sep 17 2014

    How data science and machine learning can be embedded into products to make them better.

  • Analysing your e-commerce funnel with R

    by Justin Marciszewski | Aug 05 2014

    Case study using R to evaluate the impact of your website changes

  • Fuzzy Matching with Yhat

    by Greg | Jul 23 2014

    An use case of using Yhat and the python library "fuzzywuzzy" to build your own string matching service.

  • Yhat ScienceBox

    by Colin Ristig | Jun 17 2014

    A brief overview of our newest product: ScienceBox!

  • Python Sparse Random Projections

    by Adrian Rosebrock | Jun 05 2014

    Sparse Random Projections are a great for dimensionality reduction. Here's a great example

  • Yhat meets Go

    by Jess Frazelle | May 29 2014

    We're big fans of Go, and here's one of the ways we use it.

  • Neural networks and a dive into Julia

    by Eric Chiang | May 15 2014

    An into to Julia and how to use it to build neural networks.

  • ggplot tutorial

    by Greg | May 02 2014

    Want to try ggplot for Python? This post shows you how to analyze MLB data using ggplot and pandas.