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  • ML Pitfalls: Measuring Performance (Part 1)

    by Eric | Mar 03 2015

    Common machine learning pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • Base R Plots

    by Greg | Feb 23 2015

    Introduction to plotting and graphics in R (without ggplot2)

  • What is Linear Regression? A Qualitative Exploration

    by Greg | Feb 19 2015

    A high level introduction to what linear regression is and how it works.

  • 11 Python Libraries You Might Not Know

    by Greg | Jan 20 2015

    A highlight of 10 lesser-known Python libraries, that even you experienced Pythonistas may have not seen!

  • Running R in Parallel (the easy way)

    by Greg | Jan 14 2015

    Running code in parallel is tricky. This post shows how to quickly (and easily) parallelize your R code.

  • Currency Portfolio Optimization Using ScienceOps

    by Ryan J. O'Neil | Jan 05 2015

    Create a currency portfolio optimization algorithm and deploy it to ScienceOps

  • Scraping and Analyzing Baseball Data with R

    by Greg | Dec 23 2014

    A quick howto on scraping and analyzing MLB data using R.

  • Reducing your R memory footprint by 7000x

    by Greg | Dec 17 2014

    R can be a bit bloated someitmes. Learn how to make your R models more effecient.

  • Naive Bayes in Python

    by Greg | Dec 11 2014

    How to implement your own naive bayes classifier in Python and a detailed explanation of how it all works.

  • Introducing db.r

    by Greg | Dec 04 2014 but for R. A database library that makes working with SQL in R a little more enjoyable.