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Yhat at NY Enterprise Technology Meetup

by Greg |

Here's a talk I gave in December at NY Enterprise Technology Meetup.

I talk about the process of building data products useful to non-technical users (e.g. customers or front-line employees).

The event itself is outstanding, and I suggest you check it out! It's a clean 4-speaker-format; the crowd is big and well-composed of mixed job functions and industries; the speakers were great; and Cooley provided food and beers.

The other talks were from

  • WhoKnows - platform helping large enterprises understand "who knows what" inside their org (i.e. addressing the knowledge gap). (watch)
  • Validately (formerly ProdThink) - rapid prototyping tools for product managers. (watch)
  • BETTER - turns any iOS or Android application into a secure app that protects itself and complies w/ your company's security policies. (watch)
A big thank you to Jon Lehr for extending the invitation and thanks to Cooley for hosting the event!


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