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ScienceCluster: Same Tools, Better Workplace

by Elise Breda |


Every data scientist has his or her favorite tools. We understand that your toolbox is carefully curated. We also know that each member of your team has different preferences. That’s why we’ve built all of your favorite tools (and your coworker’s!) into our products.

We don’t want to change the way you work. We just want to make it better.

With ScienceCluster, our workplace for data science teams, we've done just that. ScienceCluster is Enterprise software that lets you harness the power of distributed computing to allocate computationally intensive tasks across a cluster of servers, while still using all of your favorite tools. In other words, it lets you do your job better and faster.

Launch your favorite notebook

R or Python? That’s like comparing apples and oranges. We like them both. So we made sure to make it easy to integrate with both (as well as Julia, Octave and Ruby) in ScienceCluster.

Seamless integration with the IDE and language of your choice lets you work just like you’re used to. Except now it’s distributed, scalable and collaborative.

Granny Smith, Red Delicious or Fuji. The choice is yours.

One thing we’re over the moon for about these IDE’s is their terminal features, which simulate an SSH session. This allows you to do interactive work in your ScienceCluster environment as though you were at your own command line.

Connecting securely from the Jupyter command-line in ScienceCluster means no more toggling screens to get all that you need done.

Sync with GitHub

For many of our customers, and for many of you reading this, GitHub is the happy, trusted home for all your code. In fact, it’s ours too. We know that when you’re working on a project, it’s critical to be able to clone, push and pull to and from Github with ease.

Once you add a ScienceCluster SSH key to your Github profile, you’re ready to clone projects from your GitHub account! When you clone a GitHub project from your repository, it will automatically create a new branch where the work you do on Science Cluster will be committed.

Syncing your Science Cluster with GitHub is as easy as 1-2-SSH key.

Let’s say that in the meantime, your coworker Sue edits the Master code in Github. No problem! ScienceCluster will automatically inform you when you’re out of sync with the Master branch. You’ll have the option of pulling Sue’s edits onto your branch within ScienceCluster.

Alternatively, you can also push commits to the remote branch tracked by ScienceCluster and later merge those edits with Master in Github.

Avoid messy version control issues by syncing your data science workplace with GitHub.

Why ScienceCluster?

While notebook integration and GitHub syncing are two awesome features of ScienceCluster, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the ways that ScienceCluster empowers businesses to draw value from data science.

ScienceCluster is Enterprise software that lets you harness the power of distributed computing to allocate computationally intensive tasks across a cluster of servers. In other words, it lets data scientists do their jobs better and faster.

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