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Rodeo 1.0: a Python IDE on your Desktop

by Greg |

Rodeo 1.0 Release

When we released our in-browser IDE for Python earlier this year, we couldn’t believe the response. Thousands of our readers all over the world saddled up and told their friends and colleagues to do the same (no more puns, we promise).

That reaction, as well as the endless search for hacks to make our lives easier, got us thinking about how to make Rodeo even better. Over the past few months, we’ve been working on Rodeo 1.0, a version of Rodeo than runs right on your desktop. Download the installers for Windows, OS X, or Linux here.

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Why we built it: Then and now

We originally built Rodeo because we like the Jupyter Notebook for presentations and tutorials, but thought it was a bit clunky for daily work. We wanted a one-stop IDE for Python with a good text editor, a simple plot window and a terminal with autocomplete.

Autocomplete from both the console and the editor.

The first version of Rodeo was a command line tool that ran a local web app. In talking with users (and non-users) we learned that by distributing Rodeo via the command line immediately reduced the number of people who could use the product.

Create and manage your plots.

So the biggest decision we made (and probably the most obvious thing) is that we we decided it was time to take Rodeo from the browser to the desktop. As an installable app, Rodeo 1.0 runs on your computer and runs as a standalone application--not a web app that’s masquerading as one.

Use your vim and emacs keyboards from within Rodeo.

Go get ‘em

You can find and download Rodeo 1.0 on our website. While you’re there, you can watch the demo or read the docs to find out more about some of our favorite Rodeo features.

All your favorite shortcuts like ⌘ + t and ⌘ + enter

What happened to “Old Rodeo”?

The old version of Rodeo is right where we left it. We know there are people using it and we don’t plan on it going anywhere. As the project progresses, we plan on merging the desktop and the browser Rodeo experiences closer together.

Download Rodeo.exe and double-click-install to get going!

Let's Rodeo!

But let’s not kid ourselves; we know that you’ve probably already installed Rodeo 1.0 at this point and are eager to get started, which is exactly what we’d hoped for. Just know that we’ve got resources if you need them, with more on the way soon.

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