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Rodeo v2.4.8: Movable terminal, Linux .deb support and more!

by Colin |

So what's new?!

  • Movable terminal (landscape or portrait mode)
  • Customizable setup
  • Block style execution
  • A better organized history...easier on the eyes and brain
  • Linux .deb support

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Movable Terminal

One of the most requested features for Rodeo from the start has been arranging the editor and terminal side-by-side in portrait mode, rather than stacked on top of each other. In Rodeo v2.4.8 you can move the terminal to the right of the editor.

Bonus: You can also move your cursor around within the terminal and click to edit sections of code.

Customizable Setup

You can actually move all of the tabs around between panes now (not just the terminal). Put the packages, files, environment, history, terminal, and plots tab wherever you see fit.

Such freedom!

Block Style Execution

We also added block style execution to the editor. In other words, no matter where your cursor is within the block, when you hit CMD + ENTER the editor will parse either up or down to encompass and run the full block. Hit CMD + ENTER to execute the block.

Better history

Retracing your work in the terminal can be pretty painful. We improved our history tab so that you have an organized view of what you've run in input/output pairs, in chronological order.

Bonus: Try dragging an output, e.g. an image or dataframe, out of the history and onto your desktop.

.deb support

For all our Linux users out there who were unable to install Rodeo before, we fixed our Linux .deb support. Sorry about the trouble. It should be smooth sailing now.

Adios, amigo/a!

As long as you're running v1.4.0 or higher, Rodeo will autoupdate the next time you open the app. If you've never downloaded Rodeo or you're hanging on to an ancient version (< v.1.4.0), you can download Rodeo for Mac, Windows or Linux here.

If you love Rodeo, please tell your nerd friends about it! If you don't love it, please tell us that, too (tough love). We'd really appreciate your feedback either on our discuss forum or our Github repo.

Thanks, y'all!

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