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Rodeo v2.4.0: Tree view file navigation and handy shortcuts

by Dane |

So what's new?!

  • Tree view file navigation (view multiple directories at once)
  • New file types (SQL, markdown, csv...)

New Features

Added a new file navigator

I added a tree view component to the file system viewer. It was really annoying to have to jump between directories, and having a flat view of the current directory made it look like that was the current working directory of python, which isn't always true. The new tree view allows everyone to look at multiple directories at once, because having different directories for your scripts and your data is nice.

Also, the app now watches the file system for new or deleted files, which will appear or disappear from the file tree dynamically. The view doesn't detect the renaming or moving of files yet across all operating systems, but we'll get there.

I also added two new shortcut buttons. One takes you to your home directory, and the other goes to the current working directory of python. Combined with the working directory selector in the info bar at the bottom of the python terminal, we're trying to make it easier to navigate around the file system.

There are a lot of things we could do to improve the file system viewer and the python terminal, and this is just the beginning. 🌟

Added new file types (SQL, markdown, csv, plain text, julia, JSON, Scala, YAML)

I've added syntax highlighting of a bunch of other languages to the editor view. You can also change the syntax highlighting of the current file with a new selector tab in the info bar.

Bug Fixes

None! The next release is going to have a new way of running code that will cause a lot of the bugs people are running into to disappear. Hopefully everyone is patient enough to wait for the much improved console and history viewer. I have it on a local branch, and it will look so much better than the current version...

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