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Rodeo v2.2.0: Pain free package search/install, plus themes!

by Elise |

So what's new?!?

Installing packages

Before this release, installing packages was kinda a pain.

Since finding and installing packages is really important, we decided to make our Packages tab searchable. The search results contain documentation and support links, and a fancy Install Package button (yes, under the hood it is really just typing pip install some-package for you). How handy!

You can check out the new search feature in the bottom right pane of Rodeo. Click the Packages tab and search for any Python package (say, ggplot, for example). It might take a few seconds the first time you use the search, but it will speed up exponentially thereafter.

Rodeo v2.2.0 includes a searchable package tab, complete with documentation and support links!

Theme Preferences

The second big feature in v2.2.0 is theme preferences. That's right. To all of you who have submitted github issues, written emails, tweeted tweets, and released pigeons, we just added dark and bright themes for the Editor pane.

We used Ace themes, since they're already available and easy to configure, as one-user kindly pointed out.

Love the new themes? Be sure to thank one-user!

Now you can change the editor theme preferences. Just go to Rodeo > Preferences > Editor > Theme.

Don't spare me the details: pip

Alright, if you insist.

pip is the default package management system used to install and manage software packages written in python. You can use pip install some-package to install any package in the Python Package Index (PyPI), but PyPI is big (88,212 packages), clunky, and a distraction from your normal workflow.

The default pip search functionality is also missing a ton of packages, so please forgive us if some don't show up. For example: pip search matplotlib | grep matplotlib will mysteriously not return the library that we're after. However, pip install matplotlib works just fine.

Anyway, we did a thing and now matplotlib will show up if you type the full package name into the search.

If the description of a package is in Markdown, it will be rendered nicely. However, if the description is in reStructuredText, it won't be. Yet. The only way to render reStructuredText is with a commandline program and a python library called docutils and a whole lot of temporary folders, and we didn't want to do that to users' machines.


As a bonus for reading all the way down here, we also pushed a fix (to everyone, not just to people who read this far). You can save empty files now.

Let’s Go!

Don’t just take our word on these new features, go ahead and start kicking the tires. If you're running v1.4.0 or higher, Rodeo will autoupdate as soon as you open the app. If you're hanging on to a dinosaur legacy of Rodeo past, lay it to rest and grab the newest below.

Last but not least, if you love Rodeo, please spread the word & tell your friends!

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