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Rodeo v2.1.3 ... "This is a big one"

by Dane |

Thank you

Today is a big release for us. We owe a really big thank you to all of the users who have given feedback via our discourse and submitted issue to our github. Thanks for your patience as we worked through the kinks of writing software for Windows (what joys!) and locating python paths on your computers.

Based on the Beta release we did, it looks like Rodeo finally plays nicely with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and should install without any more strange python path problems (details on both below). We've also added a ton of large changes. Here are some of the biggest ones:

So what's new?!

Install works

  • Brand new startup window that emphasizes the python command and not the path that will hopefully catch all the strange python problems that people have

Windows changes

  • Several major Windows 7 bugs fixed
  • Several minor Windows 8 and 10 installer bugs fixed
  • Rodeo now can be run from the command line on Windows with an option to not show the startup screen

Additional features

  • Saving and deleting of plots
  • New buttons to clear, interrupt and restart the Console (although there were menu and keyboard shortcuts before)
  • --help will now show command line options on all OSs
  • All child processes are killed explicitly before the main process exits when quitting from the menu, the window or the keyboard shortcut

New preferences

  • "Use Soft Tabs" as a preference setting
  • "Show Starting Tutorial" in the text editor as a preference setting you can turn off!

Let’s Go!

Don’t just take our word for how much better Rodeo is, go ahead and work with it. If you're running v1.4.0 or higher, Rodeo will autoupdate as soon as you open the app. If you're hanging on to a dinasaur legacy of Rodeo past, lay it to rest and grab the newest below.

Last but not least, if you love Rodeo, please upvote our answer on Quora to the question, "What is the best Python IDE for doing data analysis/science and ML on Macs?" and invite your friends to the Rodeo!

Party favor: Getting started video

If you're new to Rodeo, and want a quick video intro, you might like the Rodeo portion (first 10 minutes) of this video.

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