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Rodeo 2.0.6 - DataFrames, single line execution & more!

by Colin |

So what's new?!?

  • Viewing dataframes
  • Execute code button for single-line code execution
  • Add environment variables from your bash profile
  • Pull up help text using ?x docstrings
  • Install and launch Rodeo without Python path hangups

If you've already downloaded Rodeo 2.0 (released for Mac & Linux June 14), Rodeo will prompt you to update to 2.0.6 when you launch it. If you're still running an older version, you can get the latest Rodeo here.


Dataframes are the primary pandas data structure and are a neat and handy way to view your data. Dataframes are 2-D tabular data structures with labeled axes (row and columns). In Rodeo 2.0.6 you can build and view beautiful dataframes up to 50,000 rows. Wowza!

Let's take a look at a simple example.

# Here is an example of using Rodeo to build a dataframe:

# Import pandas
import pandas as pd

# Create a dataframe

Dolphins have 0 legs.

Single Line Execution

The second big feature in this release is single line execution in the console. This is one of the features we really like about Jupyter notebooks, so we wanted to incorporate it into Rodeo. You can do it in Rodeo using keyboard shortcuts or the new Run Line button.

Execute by line, by chunk, or run your entire script.

Bash Environment Variables

In 2.0.6, you can add environment variables from your bash profile in Rodeo. We do this by taking a snapshot instance of your bash profile when you launch Rodeo so that Rodeo will recognize any environment variables you've defined there.

Docstrings ?x

We made it easier on the brain and the eyes to get help text. Just type ?x in the editor to pull up help text in the console below.

We all need a little help from our friends.

Python Path

A lot of our users mentioned told us they were having trouble installing Rodeo due to Python path difficulties. We fixed that.

That's all for now

That's all for now, folks. Have feedback or feature requests? Tell us what you're longing for at our discourse site here.

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