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Docstrings and Package Installation in Rodeo

by Elise |


In today's post, we'll introduce docstring support and show you how to install packages in our Python IDE, Rodeo. If you haven't already downloaded Rodeo, what are you waiting for?!

Docstring Support

Rodeo provides docstring support with tab completion. It's an easy way to scroll through functions with very similar names, like those in the random module in numpy.

Here's the code from the video.

my_variable = 'colin'

import numpy as np


Installing Packages

A lot of folks wrote to us asking how to install packages in Rodeo. Here's how you install packages using pip, a popular package manager for Python modules.

Here's the code we run in the video.

import pip


from ggplot import *

We'll also be adding more comprehensive package installation features, like click-to-install and package searching, in future releases.


If you missed the webinar yesterday and want a general intro to Rodeo, check out the first 10 minutes of the webinar recording below for a quick Rodeo product tour.

Here's the code we cover in the webinar (exploratory analysis on a REAL dataset about pigeon racing and an image recognition model built with Python and the Keras deep learning library).

Love Rodeo?

Last but not least, if you love Rodeo, please upvote our answer on Quora to the question, "What is the best Python IDE for doing data analysis/science and ML on Macs?"

And of course, if there's anything we could do to make you love Rodeo even more, let us know on our Discuss forum.

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