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Rodeo 2.0 Released for Mac & Linux!

by Dane, Colin, Greg & Elise |

Then & Now

A little over a year ago, we released Rodeo to the public. What started as a weekend project with a pretty basic set of requirements took us by surprise when it blew up HackerNews and the Python community. Apparently thousands of people wanted a lightweight IDE for Python, just like we did.

Over the course of the six months following the release, we developed Rodeo from a command line tool that ran a local web app into a native desktop app. We wanted a wider audience (including people who don’t like/know how to work from the command line) to be able to use it. Thousands more people downloaded Rodeo and started kicking the tires.

Fast forward another half a year through a few version releases, a ton of user feedback, and a decision to double down on Rodeo development, and here we are, introducing Rodeo v2.0.

We wanted to get the new features out as fast and possible, so this initial release is currently only available for Mac and Linux.

We'll be releasing a Windows version in the next two weeks!

So What’s New!!

Stability + logging

The biggest difference with Rodeo 2.0 is its wildly improved stability. Rodeo no longer misbehaves and freezes/crashes inexplicably. Thanks to a code overhaul from the ground up, Rodeo just works.

So we can continue squashing bugs and catching errors, we’ve added logging so that you can record what goes wrong and contribute to a discourse forum (in addition to Github) where you can post questions & communicate with the Rodeo team.

Discuss Forum

Streamlined UI (less stuff)

When we rebuilt Rodeo, we stripped away parts of the existing UI and features. We still have all of the old code, so we’ll be gradually adding back in the useful stuff, but for this release we’ve really focused on the basics. We hope you like the new look and feel as much as we do.

Integrated tutorials

Lots of our users told us that they follow alongside Yhat blog posts in Rodeo to learn or brush up on Python skills. We added an integrated sidebar so that you can get that content without ever leaving Rodeo. We’ll be publishing both introductory tutorials (ideal if you’re just getting started with Python) and intermediate blog posts and tutorials from the Yhat team.

Let’s Go!

Don’t just take our word for how much better Rodeo is, go ahead and test it out. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, feedback, and feature requests on the discourse forum!

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