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Rodeo 1.2: Python Paths, Interrupt, Stickers

by Colin |

So what's new?!?

In 1.2.0, we've added several new features, and also eliminated a bunch of bugs:
  • Python PATH/jupyter/matplotlib triage
  • Allow for multiple python environments
  • Interrupt commands and indicate when something is running
  • Leaner UI: reduced padding on tables, tabs, etc.
  • Stickers!
  • Fixed copy/paste for Windows

Python PATH/jupyter/matplotlib triage

On startup, we check to make sure you have a valid python path and all the necessary packages to run Rodeo. If you're missing something, we'll show you the commands to run.

Improved python path and dependency detection

Multiple Environments

You can setup multiple python environments and easily switch between them. Now you can easily switch between Python 2 and 3 directly from within Rodeo.

Interrupt code

When you find yourself caught in an infinite loop, you can now kill the process:


If you'd like your very own Rodeo sticker, you can input your email and we'll coordinate with you to ship you a sticker!

Lastly, we've also

  • thinned down some of the padding on tables
  • fixed copy/paste for Windows
  • improved the setup process for Windows

As always, we'd love to get your feedback on the product and hear what you want added to future releases! Email us as info [at]

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