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  • Presenting Data - Referee Crew Calls in the NFL

    by Ryan Cheley | Apr 13 2017

    Taking tabular NFL data and turning it into a picture using BeautifulSoup, pandas and matplotlib

  • Neural Turing Machines

    by Rylan Schaeffer | Apr 11 2017

    A thorough explanation of DeepMind's Neural Turing Machine for the technical layman

  • Data Wrangling 101: Using Python to Fetch, Manipulate & Visualize NBA Data

    by Viraj Parekh | Apr 06 2017

    This is meant to be used as a general tutorial for beginners with some experience in Python or R.

  • What is Singular Value Decomposition?

    by Tyler Manning-Dahan | Apr 04 2017

    An introduction to SVD and its applications, both in math theory and in business for recommendation engines

  • Data Science Case Study: Turo's Dynamic Pricing and Recommender Engine

    by Yhat | Mar 29 2017

    Turo wants to put the world's billion cars to better use. Read how they're using data science to accomplish that mission.

  • A Magical Introduction to Classification Algorithms

    by Bryan Berend | Mar 23 2017

    Step by step tutorial to building a simple rule-based classifier using the nerdy example of Harry Potter's sorting hat

  • Automatic generation of large PowerPoint decks from survey data with Quantipy Python package

    by Geir Freysson | Mar 21 2017

    In this post, we'll show you how to take raw survey data and automatically generate a PowerPoint slideshow, which can be themed according to your brand

  • Self-Organising Maps: In Depth

    by David Asboth | Mar 16 2017

    A step by step guide to training and using self-organizing maps (SOMs), a lesser known but very useful machine learning algorithm

  • Self-Organising Maps: An Introduction

    by David Asboth | Mar 14 2017

    When you learn about machine learning techniques, Self-Organising Maps (SOM) isn't one of the usual suspects, but is super useful and awesome.